In Hollywood films we are witnessing an increasing tendency of focusing on two fictional beings that represent apocalyptic visions or metaphors for evil and decline, these fictional beings are zombies and vampires.

These two beings are very metaphoric and thus by the way of subconscious fascination they even made its way to become a powerful symbol for people because of strong subliminal influence they exert on psyche. Why is this so? Let us analyze what these two beings actually represent and why do they resonate with psyche in such a powerful way.

Zombie is a being which is in a limbo between life and death, it appears that the origin of this being lies in certain magical practices of necromancy in which a sorcerer is able to capture a part of soul of a dead human being and restore with it his dead body which then, along with this part of the soul of the dead man is under a total sway and control of the sorcerer and thus possess no will of its own.

Vampire is also a being having its existence in the limbo in-between, but as opposed to a zombie which has no will of its own and is a slave to a master, the vampire is in full control of his actions and emanates an aura of power.

What both beings have in common is an insatiable hunger for the energy of the living. Vampire is typically a sophisticated predator which needs blood for keeping him “alive”. Zombie on the other hand is just a being in a trance, walking in robotic way and almost completely unaware of his surroundings with an exception of occasions in which he spots a really alive human, and then this being soars into a “rage hunting mode” possessed with only one objective in mind – to eat the flesh of the living. So we can see that both of these beings are cannibalistic predators which means they prey upon the living energy of human flesh or blood.

This is all very metaphoric for society where zombies represent the controlled and vampires are controllers, or in a language of mind control, zombies are slaves and vampires are handlers.

How much credibility you give to stories about mind control programming is a matter of personal judgment but one thing is for certain, the masses have been zombified and handled with a means of propaganda, entertainment and robotization of society through more and more rules and regulations at large. Masters (vampires) want a controllable, lulled population which they can easily control as the behavior of masses is then predictable and society works as one large predictable mechanism.  As presented in the beginning of the “Matrix”  film the individual then serves as a battery (an energy source) for the master vampires and so does the whole society.

This is all very recognizable if you look at the state of beings objectively through the lenses of the sunglasses from the film “They Live (1984)” which aptly illustrates in which way the masses are bombarded with propaganda to obey the rules which are constructed by masters so the energy from population which it produces through work is transferred as money (which is a blood of the economy) to these vampires with only enough of this energy to survive is left to zombie – wage slaves.

And although this looks like a horror or science fiction scenario in its metaphorical sense it is very real, but there is no need to be pessimistic about it, since it is the story of civilization from the time of written history. It was always about masters and slaves, only the methods of control change. What is maybe one of most interesting innovations of modern culture is promotion of atheism (materialism) and disbandment of building blocks of every civilization before, namely the family values and ethnic pride. We see how three values which were the main columns of every civilization of the past crumble into ashes today as voices against national pride, religion and family values are getting ever more loud leading probably into a desired goal of utopia where you no longer need to “imagine there’s no countries, and no religion too.”

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