To people who even superficially studied the mechanisms of thought control which are imposed to general public over the last more than half a century via mainstream media and press “liberal” propaganda it is well known that masses are effectively reduced to repeating zombies which repeat the narrative which is implanted to their mind by these agents with a mindset of a vinyl record.

However, there are certain “neuralgic” centers which are especially woven into a psyche of an average individual and triggered with the following words of power; racist, nazi, sexist, misogynist, conspiracy theorist, fascist and the likes of these.

The reason of these being the “unholy” words no one likes to be etiquetted with is that social engineers which studied psyche of human beings carefully and which are in service of globalist vampires meticulously and gradually inject into the stream of western society a shame towards traditional values; basically with an objective to uproot the modern man from his history and heritage but also to instill the feeling of guilt if an average individual dares to be proud of his ethnical and cultural heritage which his ancestors gave him in inheritance spilling their blood in numerous wars and bloody battles to preserve their homeland for him or her so that now in bright modern era he or she can renounce all of that and call it a shameful backward atavisms of dirty bloody past.

The question is why is it so important to globalist vampires to estrange individual from his history and heritage? It is a well known Marxist strategy to eradicate any sense of higher value and any kind of higher purpose to life but to reduce an average individual to a level of a member of strange mammalian species of primates on the third rock from the Sun without any purpose and without any aim other to be a little obedient wheel in a vast machine of almighty Socialist Megastate. The aim is to dehumanize and despiritualize man and to present a picture of reality in which he is a primate without sense of identity of any kind, with a sole purpose to work and pay taxes to almighty Socialist Megastate.

The language of liberal activists is full of words such as “cherish”, “tolerance”, “diversity”, “equality”, “peace”, “love”, all that fluffy little sugar coated ice-creamy phrases which make a normal person to have a diarrhea. What is wrong with all these words, aren’t such words making us less aggressive and humane, more civilized and less barbaric? Well, in theory they should, but in reality they serve to just the opposite aim. Liberals and socialists are by far the most intolerant and aggressive group of human beings. If you only try to present the worldview that is in some way in discord with their vision of what reality should be they will not only shut their ears with their palms, but demonstrate opened hostility towards you and probably start screaming at you using such words as “nazi”, “bigot”, “ignorant”, “hater”, and so on…

The level of hate and intolerance which radiates from these people when you confront them with a different vision of reality is incomparable to anything in the domain of average or even strong hysteria, there should be invented a new word to describe the mental state of these people when you try to make a normal conversation with them, presenting some other worldview which confronts their own, and remember, one of their favorite word is “diversity”.

So if they are in reality so aggressive to different points of view, why do they use a word “diversity” so frequently in the first place? What does this “diversity” means to them then? Well, as Orwell pointed out in his dystopian masterpiece “1984” to them “diversity” is just the opposite, an INVERSION – it is homogenity, but a homogenity of amorphous society, not a homogenity of structured ordered and organized society based on any sort or values, but a homogenity of a Socialist Hive Collective.

Externally it is not hard to recognize a liberal, a hair painted in some strong unnatural color, a few piercings, tattoos, strange clothes etc. There are reasons for this of course. First, it is narcissism, which wants to attract the attention to how great and different this person is from the rest of “primitive” crowd of backward rednecks, and the second is how unconventional and diverse they all are in their collective effort to dye themselves and scratch themselves with all sorts of tattoos to emancipate theirs rainbow tribe from a crowd of illiterates and show them this wonderful diversity looking like a homogenous mixture of all the screaming colors there are on the spectrum. And finally it is a message, which is underlying all, and that is – We want to break the norm, we don’t want to be like others – but just the opposite is the case. They are just a front of the underlying message – we want to break up with customs and society of the old – we want to be different, but without anything substantial behind it – in other words, being different for the sake of being different – but ultimately all the SAME with the SAME message of aggressive antagonism towards their own culture and heritage.

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