Culture of Decadence and Guilt

What are the values of modern culture? In the mainstream media the keywords we constantly hear are centered around the values of life, tolerance, peace, diversity, progress, freedom, liberty etc. Is it a bit strange that our reality looks completely different than all of these keywords? I would say it is pretty strange, and the question which naturally imposes itself is of course; Why is that the case?

Why do we live in a culture that is spiraling downwards in every way, except in a way of technological progress? Unemployment, disintegration of family and local community, disintegration of culture and art, cheap animalistic popular music, drugs and alcohol addictions, wars, poverty, rising gap between mega rich and mega poor, liberal monopoly of mainstream media – why is all of this hell lose around us and why is the media lulling us into a sugar coated lullaby that everything is perfectly fine and that we are making progress?

Let’s take a look at phenomena which occurred in a previous century that will perhaps help us understand why we are here in this dire situation right now. First of all, at the first half of previous century we had two major catastrophes of World Wars which on the surface are described as a struggle for power between central Europe with a major proponents of Germany and Anglo-American power. The real causes in the shadow of this explanation are somewhat different. Anglo-American power is in reality a socialist power, and real forces which are behind this front are forces that strive to disintegrate religion and nation, and in its very core and essence, these forces are Marxist forces, not in economical but certainly in cultural sense.  At the first glance this sounds ludicrous because everyone knows that Marxist Russia was a major rival to capitalist America. Well, the case is that this was a fabricated rivalry and Russia was brought to its knees with insidious sabotage of disastrous Bolshevik revolution only to be weakened economically and especially to disperse its values of national pride and religion – the aim which is finally unfolding on the capitalist west for some time and reaches its climax now.

The real powers which operated and operate in shadows of world events always had only these objectives in mind – to destroy religions and nations and to lead us into a brave new world of Illuminism. The events that started to propel the world into this direction begun much earlier than 20th century and the first major visible strike towards this goal was of course the French Revolution. But let’s focus on previous century not to digress too much.

As an aftermath of two World Wars we had the following situation; completely ravished central European power of Germany, the creation of eastern communistic block of Soviet Union and its western satellites bordering on Western Europe, and complete victors of Anglo-American alliance. A part of Germany became a territory of this eastern block and thus consequently ravished economically in a few years. Basically this means the triumph of economical Marxism on the east and cultural Marxism on the west. The ideology that was crushed was the ideology based on racial and ethnic values, and the power which won the war was becoming increasingly socialistic and distanced from these values as the time went on. Nationalism was becoming increasingly more and more a dirty word.

The main evils which caused these two catastrophes was identified as racism and nationalism and so the process of dismantling this evil slowly and gradually begun to spread on the west. So what was the most efficient method to propagate the values which dismantle traditional values of ethnic and national pride and religion? The answer lies in three things, first and foremost it was to invent something that will capture the hearts and souls of the youth generation and direct them away from tradition, and secondary strategy was to increase the sexual and hedonistic appetites of the whole population to a highest degree, and the most efficient tool in this was the change of course in popular music which soon became known as Rock and Roll and also spreading the agenda through entertainment and most significantly and effectively of course through powerful Hollywood film industry. The third thing is the atheistic overtake of education and scientific community.

After all of this is infused into the bloodstream of once civilized culture we are where we are now, in a world of a bleak Orwellian nightmare, with an apathetic unemployed drug addicted youth and an increasingly old population and a mindset of total apathy, confusion, hatred and fear. Demographically Europe is dying out and spiritually it is already dead as the belief in higher power is discarded by younger generations as the atavism of ignorant superstition filled past, so instead these generations discover certain white powdered substances which take them directly into the paradise so there is no need for faith if they can enter the gates of heaven empirically without too much effort.

Finally, looking at this reality there naturally arises a question, why do people put up with all of this without raising a voice? The answer is pretty simple – it is fear not to be called some dirty word like “racist” but primarily it is GUILT. As the old traditional world of nation and religion is every day portrayed as evil monstrous Satan which lead us into the tragedies of both World Wars and caused death of millions of innocents who dares to speak about it as something positive, we all know that feeling of love and loyalty to homeland, spirituality and respect of your own cultural and spiritual heritage is something barbaric and crazy – and nihilism, atheism and materialism is something healthy and prosperous, do we?

No, no we don’t. The opposite is the case.

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