Today, a modern man lives in a strange world. This is a world of dry routine, a world of technological progress but also a bleak life of spiritual and moral poverty. Through education man learns that in live the only thing that matters is utility. Everything has to be made a slave in the name of “progress”. What do I mean by this?

Well, the civilization can be proud of its achievements in the technological and commercial enterprises, but such values, such materialistic attitude has become the only value of modern man, a man steeped in running for success of gaining more and more of material things. So is there anything wrong with such a world? We are told that life before enlightenment of modern science was the era of ignorance, superstition, squalor and hunger, an era in which a vast majority of humankind was under a yoke of ignorant and corrupted church and cruel aristocracy of royal families. Yes, there is truth in this, though not in a measure it is usually presented.

What about of man of today, in this “world of progress, a brave new world”? Is man really free, and not oppressed by any kind of yoke? Of course, media and education centers love to present such a picture of reality, but that picture is very far from truth. The real truth is that means by which man is subjugated and controlled only passed from open tyranny of arms and intimidation of Middle Age towards a more subtle but even more cruel and poisonous tyranny of media and educational brain washing. Man is controlled and subjugated more than ever, because from his earliest age he is thought to trust authorities of science, education, media and politicians first by forced schooling and then by so called “peer pressure” which prevents thinking outside the box of lies we are bombarded with on a daily basis.

All so called mainstream media is one vast Book of Lies. It is designed in such a way to prevent any other perspectives of looking at world but as a  dog eat dog planet “a third stone from the sun” and only good things in life are sex, drugs, violence and power. The decline of spiritual side of civilization can be witnessed  everywhere, in the glorification of violence in movies, in so called electronic “music”, in performance “art”, in the breakup of family unit, in general – in a promotion of everything which goes against the higher nature of man and glorification of ANIMAL MAN – a Darwin’s Primate being.

How all of this came about? There are two main forces which operate to bring about this state of being. The first force is scientism and the second force is uprooting of traditional values. What is this uprooting of traditional values? It is a process in which media with its entertainment “celebrity culture” implants certain mindset to young people. It teaches them that it is important to be desirable, popular, individualistic “be yourself” – so what is wrong with this messages? What is wrong is that youth is becoming self-absorbed, thinking only about personal success and social popularity without any feeling for community and thus these are the roots of a big modern phenomena of ALIENATION. People do not share hard cohesive social forces which bind them in communities but instead of that the society is ATOMIZED. It is divided in every way, there are no real bonds but only separation forces of political parties and lifestyles.

What was once a great cohesive force of family or patriotism is in the world of today thrown in the gutter and trampled upon and seen as an obstacle of individual progress. The philosophy behind this is that a man as an individualized unit becomes more responsible and mature as he becomes a ruler of his own destiny without any binding ropes of rigorous morality and tyranny of tribal or familial backward attitudes. But is it really so? Not at all in a vast majority of cases.

In a vast majority of cases, with an advent of greater opportunity for personal freedom came instead the slavery to social machine. The individual of today is not free, he is the slave of corporations and corrupt politicians, estranged and uprooted from his national and familiar ties, estranged from nature and connection with mother Earth and spirit, brainwashed to a highest degree. All too often we see more and more how young generation falls in a hell of drug addictions, gambling, violence and nihilistic apathy.

Scientism is the force which primarily serves as a loud and arrogant voice directed and vehemently dedicated to the cause of annihilation of spirituality of any kind. It is a dogma that instills into young people through their corrupt education that the universe is a meaningless field of blind forces, that there is no such thing as a soul or spirit, and that human being is only a biological machine, and in essence this means that life can have no sanctity because there is no higher order or meaning in anything.

History doesn’t know of a time when an absurd philosophy like this had such a grip and power over people as it has today. Disillusioned with former spiritual teachings of Church which became unacceptable for educated man of modern world, the vast majority of young generations negates any kind of higher purpose to life and accepts the poisonous teachings of Scientism and social Darwinism, an ape eat ape world we live in today bathed daily with media lies, meaningless hypnotic music, oversexualized “celebrities” all roaming around in a zombified  world of nothingness.

This worldview is sugar-coated in media which presents it as a progress, a birth of independent humanity free from superstitions of the old ages, realistic and rational superman that sneers upon backward people still clinging to values of the old. In this way the production of mind controlled slaves of the brave new world continues with recruiting new souls to its absurd spirit-annihilating social machine.

As a conclusion, with all its technological progress a civilization is in spiritual decline and the need for reconnection with a real human higher nature is evident and necessary, the humanity is in a need for reform of philosophy and art and above all a reconnection to mother earth and spiritual values.

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